Something really beautiful coming to the blog this week …

It’s always an amazing honor and privilege to have my photographs featured in print. There’s that same 9 year old little girl version of myself that always loved the magazine aisle in book stores or in lines to check-out, who would pick up a glossy magazine and flip through all the stunning faces and stories inside – when I see my work on those same pages now as an adultI have to admit it makes me squeal a little with excitement inside (and sometimes outside too). Getting the unparalleled opportunity to shoot the wedding of the beautiful and warm-hearted Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson was enough to satiate my photographer’s heart for a lifetime, but seeing it (and the gorgeous Lindsay on the cover!!!) inside this very special 80th anniversary edition of BRIDES Magazine (on stands now!) has truly been an amazing and humbling experience.

Recognition is undoubtedly a lovely side-effect for an experience like this, but more than anything else the biggest privilege has been in getting to know this sweet, down-to-earth couple and their amazing families on the wedding day and being trusted with the responsibility to capture one of the most important experiences in their lives together. Every single love story matters and should be documented with reverence and passion – I am so honored to have the chance to capture that for so many phenomenal couples each year. You all are truly the most inspiring collective group of people I know, thank you for bringing me a long for the ride!

Above: Cover of BRIDES Magazine and interior spread from Lindsay’s and Sean’s Wedding Day. Below: Images from the big day shared by Lindsay, Sean or BRIDES Magazine – enjoy!